Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What will they say about us in 200 years

Provided we are still a viable species.... What will historians and anthropologists say about how we lived.

I have just watched a spectacle called "America's Got Talent", the latest Simon Cowell production.

There was a group called something like "the stilts". The premise was that they were dancing around on 3-4 foot stilts to what basically was no more than an underlying bass beat.

Is civilization really this dead? Is this the new "circus" to keep the peasants in their place?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got no comments professor. oh well no big deal nearly every blog in the universe is just the same - deadsville.

pues ya lo tienes profe, un comentario solo pa'ti. cause there's nobody else around.

antonio m

5:24 PM  

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