Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Election Time is coming...

All of the signs of the midterm election are upon us.

1) Rally the Base:

Frist says top two priorities of the Republican Senate are

a) an amendment to the constitution to ban gay marriage. (Stoke: Hate and Fear)

I am glad to see Dems like Cantwell and Murray are not taking the bait and instead saying that there are many more critical issues that should be debated. You go girls, don't let them frame the debate.

b) an amendemnt to the constitution to ban flag burning. (Stoke: Hate)

This rallies to the base by trying to paint "liberals" with the tag that they are destroying American culture. The next tactic is to talk about all the Dems that are ACLU members and show pictures of them at hollywood fund raising dinners.

2) Scare the Crap out of the Public:

CBS news reports that the recent "string" of arrests of terror cells unrelated to Al Qaeda but modelled on them is a sign that

"The next attack here, officials predict, will bear no resemblance to Sept. 11. The casualty toll will not be that high, the target probably not that big. We may not even recognize it for what it is at first, they say. But it's coming — of that they seem certain."

Of course FOX can't be outdone on fear mongering: Don't fly your flag in the UK

Fox News I can understand, but CBS? Are they trying to make up for the Dan Rather bait and switch?

Full Article

We truly no longer have a free and unbiased media.


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