Monday, May 22, 2006

Choosing the Patsy

Well, it appears that the Rovian machine has claimed another vicitim. This time Jason Leopold of

Let's review for a moment.

On May 12, Leopold claims that Rove Informs White House of Imminent Indictment. Then on May 15th, Leopold writes that Rove had indeed been indicted.

Finally, Truthout supports Leopold by saying that they have iron clad sources.

Over a week later, the right wing bloggers are having a field day pointing out how the "moon bats" got it wrong about Rove and lumping all bloggers in with the Leopold story.

So, what's the problem? Leopold was overzealous? Leopold has an ax to grind?

No, the problem is (at least from this blogger's perspective) that Leopold was set up.

Why Choose Leopold?

  1. He has been one of the most dogged reports on the Rove story

  2. He has a history of telling lies in the press

  3. He has admitted to alcohol and cocaine addiction

So - Why do this?

  1. It discredits Leopold as a reporter (obvious)

  2. It discredits (to some extent)

  3. To the extent that the Righties can lump all liberal bloggers in with Leopold, it discredits them.

  4. It makes it look like we are all out to get Rove, and sets him up as a victim of a witch hunt

  5. It sends a chilling message (a la Dan Rather) to anyone who might report anything negative about the administration. "We'll get you too"

What Leopold needs to do RIGHT AWAY is to track back the original source of the "leak". We can no longer keep silent as this administration hijacks the truth and destroys anyone who tries to take them on.

With Gonzales now saying that reporters can be prosecuted for publishing "leaks", we are truly at the edge of a constitutional crisis.


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