Monday, June 26, 2006

The Flap about Facing the Giants

And yet here we have another fabricated attack on Christians, just slightly less ludicrous that BORe's ficticious "War on Christmas".

This time, it is about the MPAA's decision to rate this film PG rather than G. The story line goes something like this: From IMDB.COM

From the award winning producers of FLYWHEEL, comes an action-packed drama about a Christian high school football coach who uses his undying faith to battle the giants of fear and failure. In six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never led his Shiloh Eagles to a winning season. After learning that he and his wife Brooke face infertility, Grant discovers that a group of fathers are secretly organizing to have him dismissed as head coach. Devastated by his circumstances, he cries out to God in desperation. When Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, he searches for a stronger purpose for his football team. He dares to challenge his players to believe in God for the impossible on and off the field. When faced with unbelievable odds, the Eagles must step up to their greatest test of strength and courage. What transpires is a dynamic story of the fight between faith and fear. Facing the Giants is a powerful experience for the whole family inspiring viewers to live with faith, hope, and love!

So - he has a "born again" moment, like our fearless leader, and a "fight between faith and fear".

Now, I don't mind proselitizing so much, unless it's to impressionable young children that would be exposed to this, potentially without their parents, if this film received a "G" (General audiences) rating. This rating suggests that parents should want to discuss this film with their children. Her quote:

Joan Graves, chairman of the MPAA's ratings board, said this week that the decision had nothing to do with Christianity but was based on football violence as well as the inclusion of mature topics such as depression and infertility.

In a rare interview given in an attempt to defuse what she says is a controversy born of miscommunication, Graves said the religious story line itself did not raise a red flag.

My comment: THIS SHOUILD raise a red flag since the religious right is constantly screaming about the 'messages' that films are sending to kids. If you want to send a message, it's only OK if it's OUR message, eh?

"If we see somebody on the screen practicing their faith and indicating they have a faith, that's not something we PG," Graves said, adding that the board's goal is to alert parents to movie content that they should further research.

"We think our rating is correct," she said of "Facing the Giants." "I think it gives parents an alert that there may be something in the film they'd want to know about."

So - is the real issue that Hollywood Hates Christianity or is it that the MPAA is actually doing there job here in the sense of getting parents to understand that the movie is preaching faith. Isn't that something that the Religious Right WANT parents to do? Oh yeah, I forgot, proselitizing is bad unless it's with our message.

Imagine the hubbub that would ensue if this was a Muslim man who "found Allah" and endcouraged his team to chant Allah Akbar before every game.

Sorry folks, you can't have it both ways. Either parents get to speak with their kids about religion or they don't.


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